Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hikaru Utada Wallpapers (II)

As promised, I am posting a few more wallpapers on my favourite japanese singer, Hikaru Utatada. Hope you enjoy it!!

hikaru utada wallpaper
Hikaru Utada wearing the COLORS video outfit
From JapanGeeks
1024 x 768

hikaru utada wallpaper
Hikaru Utada with cute doggie
1024 x 768

hikaru utada wallpaper
Hikaru Utada EXODUS wallpaper
From Dien Dan Le Quy Don
1024 x 768

hikaru utada wallpaper
Young Utada Hikaru Wallpaper
From Yeah5
1024 x 768

See you all soon!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hikaru Utada Wallpapers

Hi everyone! Long time no see!

This time I am going to post a few wallpapers on one of my favourite japanese singers of all time, Hikaru Utada (also known in Japan as Hikki). She is a great singer, speaks perfect english, and has a really sweet special voice. She composes most of the songs herself and has a very different style and feeling to any other singer in the country.

A few months ago she debuted also in the USA... not exactly my style, don't like the songs that much, but I admire her anyway...

Here are some of my favourite wallpapers on her, this is just part one, as I am sure I'll post again with more amazing compositions and/or pictures!!!

hikaru utada wallpaper
Hikaru Utada for music video "Passion"
From FanPOP
1024 x 768

hikaru utada wallpaper
Hikaru Utada for promoting single "Travelling"
1024 x 768

hikaru utada wallpaper
Hikaru Utada Black and White playing piano
From Niizk Wordpress
1024 x 768

hikaru utada wallpaper
Young Hikki
From XBlog
1024 x 768
See you soon!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dressed up Fantasies: Japanese Maids

It is quite know that japanese youngsters like to dress up with a lot of costumes, being gothinc, lolita, and much more things. It is also quite known that Japan is a land of perversions where you can find almost everything.

One of the things that do certainly sell more, is the "Maid" (メイド - meido) costumes, being it just for publicity, or being it for entertaining customers in a "Meido kissa" (Maid caffeteria, where young maid-dressed girls will serve you and treat you really nice, and continuosly call you "my master" - such a fantasy, huh?)

This post is dedicated to maid costumes in Japan, quite easy to be seen specially if you go to big electronic or manga/anime shopping areas. Hope you and your computer desktop enjoy it ;)

Sexy Yuina in Maid Costume
By shiroibasketshoes hopper Flickr'
(1014 x 1024 - 448 KB)

Anime Maid
By Anime-Wallpapers
(1024 x 768 - 575 KB)

Maid Model Figures
By Finetoo.org
(1200 x 900 px - 242 KB)

Cute Asian Maid with knife
(1600 x 1067 px - 791 KB)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Memoirs of a Geisha Movie Wallpapers

Memoirs of a geisha is probably the most famous japanese culture based novel up to now. It was adapted to a movie in 2005, and the images and scenery in it are certainly beautiful.

So, for the movie fans out there, there is a selection of images and wallpapers of Memoirs of a Geisha. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Classical Anime and Manga Wallpapers I - Sailor Moon

Hey everyone! Japan is intimately related to anime and manga, most of people that have become into their culture, it has been initially through these. That's why I decided to start a new series, for classical anime wallpapers.

I decided on Sailor Moon because it is the anime series that got me into it, and I have a lot of memories surrounding that...

I hope you enjoy this series, I will be posting more and more frequently, keep watching!!

Manga classical Princess Serena
By wallpapes.ru
(1600 x 1200 px - 221KB)

SailorMoon and Tuxedo Kamen Classical Manga
By MangaStyle
(1626 x 1142 px - 807 KB)

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Main Team - Anime Version
By AnimeWallpapers
(1024 x 768 px - 286 KB)

Sailor Mercury Fan-Drawing Wallpaper
By Luminiscent.com
(1280 x 960 px - 275 KB)

More coming up, keep watching us!