Monday, March 9, 2009

More Mount Fuji Amazing Wallpapers

Even though we already did one post on mount fuji, this is a recurring topic on japan wallpapers, as a very representative icon on the japanese culture.

Here we have some more wallpapers on the amazing beauty of the tallest mountain in Japan, also a volcano.

Hope you enjoy it and see you soon!

mount fuji covered in snow
Mount Fuji covered in snow from Taringa
(1024 x 768 - 198 KB)

mount fuji in red sunlight
Superb Mount Fuji in Red by Moonlit Story
(1024 x 768 - 132 KB)

mount fuji with sakura blossomed tree
Blossomed tree with Mount Fuji Sea View by Akai Aki Blog
(1024 x 768 - 214 KB)

mount fuji with daysies bedMount Fuji with a daysies bed by Akai Aki Blog
(1024 x 768 - 267 KB)