Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dressed up Fantasies: Japanese Maids

It is quite know that japanese youngsters like to dress up with a lot of costumes, being gothinc, lolita, and much more things. It is also quite known that Japan is a land of perversions where you can find almost everything.

One of the things that do certainly sell more, is the "Maid" (メイド - meido) costumes, being it just for publicity, or being it for entertaining customers in a "Meido kissa" (Maid caffeteria, where young maid-dressed girls will serve you and treat you really nice, and continuosly call you "my master" - such a fantasy, huh?)

This post is dedicated to maid costumes in Japan, quite easy to be seen specially if you go to big electronic or manga/anime shopping areas. Hope you and your computer desktop enjoy it ;)

Sexy Yuina in Maid Costume
By shiroibasketshoes hopper Flickr'
(1014 x 1024 - 448 KB)

Anime Maid
By Anime-Wallpapers
(1024 x 768 - 575 KB)

Maid Model Figures
(1200 x 900 px - 242 KB)

Cute Asian Maid with knife
(1600 x 1067 px - 791 KB)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Memoirs of a Geisha Movie Wallpapers

Memoirs of a geisha is probably the most famous japanese culture based novel up to now. It was adapted to a movie in 2005, and the images and scenery in it are certainly beautiful.

So, for the movie fans out there, there is a selection of images and wallpapers of Memoirs of a Geisha. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Classical Anime and Manga Wallpapers I - Sailor Moon

Hey everyone! Japan is intimately related to anime and manga, most of people that have become into their culture, it has been initially through these. That's why I decided to start a new series, for classical anime wallpapers.

I decided on Sailor Moon because it is the anime series that got me into it, and I have a lot of memories surrounding that...

I hope you enjoy this series, I will be posting more and more frequently, keep watching!!

Manga classical Princess Serena
(1600 x 1200 px - 221KB)

SailorMoon and Tuxedo Kamen Classical Manga
By MangaStyle
(1626 x 1142 px - 807 KB)

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Main Team - Anime Version
By AnimeWallpapers
(1024 x 768 px - 286 KB)

Sailor Mercury Fan-Drawing Wallpaper
(1280 x 960 px - 275 KB)

More coming up, keep watching us!

Monday, March 9, 2009

More Mount Fuji Amazing Wallpapers

Even though we already did one post on mount fuji, this is a recurring topic on japan wallpapers, as a very representative icon on the japanese culture.

Here we have some more wallpapers on the amazing beauty of the tallest mountain in Japan, also a volcano.

Hope you enjoy it and see you soon!

mount fuji covered in snow
Mount Fuji covered in snow from Taringa
(1024 x 768 - 198 KB)

mount fuji in red sunlight
Superb Mount Fuji in Red by Moonlit Story
(1024 x 768 - 132 KB)

mount fuji with sakura blossomed tree
Blossomed tree with Mount Fuji Sea View by Akai Aki Blog
(1024 x 768 - 214 KB)

mount fuji with daysies bedMount Fuji with a daysies bed by Akai Aki Blog
(1024 x 768 - 267 KB)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Japanese Traditional Dolls Wallpapers

Japanese traditional dolls have a very unique and caracteristic look. A lot of japanese people think that they look cursed and they are quite scary. They certainly are sometimes!

Even though, dolls are traditionally important in Japan cultures, and a very world-wide recognised form of handicraft.

There are also a whole bunch dedicated just to the dolls festival, the Hina Matsuri (Traditional Japanese Girls Festival)

Enjoy these wallpapers and the amazing japanese doll's looks!

Japanese wood dolls cat traditionalCute cat wooden japanese dolls by Pine57 Flickr Gallery
(1024 x 768 - 645 KB)

hina matsuri japanese dolls wallpaperHina Matsuri Dolls by Pine57 Flickr Gallery
(1024 x 768 - 511 KB)

daruma wood japanese doll unazukinDaruma and Unazukin Dolls by P!ng Flickr Gallery
(800 x 533 - 264 KB)

Hina Matsuri Dolls Japanese WallpaperHina Matsuri Doll Stand by Wikipedia Commons
(1391 x 1146 - 543 KB)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Japanese Sapporo Snow Festival Sculptures Wallpapers

In Japan one of the most awaited events are the different festivals (祭り) that you can find all over the year in different japanese regions.

These festivals have many things in common and a whole bunch of things that make each and every festival different. In this first post about festivals, we will concentrate on the Snow Festival (雪祭り) snow and ice scultures Hokkaido wallpapers, celebrated in the cold December. 

In this festival, one of the most awarded and awaited events is the snow and ice sculpture competition.

Hope you enjoy it!

snow sculture sapporo festival wallpaperSnow sculpture in Sapporo Snow Festival by ViajesMag
(1024 x 768 - 180 KB)

temple snow sculpture sapporo wallpaperSnow Temple Construction Process by Sapporo City Webpage
(1504 x 980 - 1499 KB)

snowOslo Parliament Snow Sculpture in Sapporo Snow Festival by Sapporo City Webpage
(2489 x 1659 - 1910 KB)

egypt snow sculpture festival sapporo hokkaido wallpaperEgypcian Sphinx Snow Sculpture in Sapporo Snow Festival by Sapporo City Website
(3072 x 2048 - 2108 KB)

snow maze labyrinth sapporo festival wallpaperSnow Labyrinth - Maze in Sapporo Snow Festival by kozyndan Flick'r gallery
(1600 x 1067 - 231 KB)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Japanese Geisha Wallpapers

Continuing the previous japanese geisha series, here are some more interesting pictures and wallpapers of these oriental fantasies, enjoy!

sad japanese geisha wallpaper"Sad Geisha" by Robertwillem2 Flick'r Page
(2800 x 1914 - 477 KB)

ancient japanese geisha wallpaper picture photography"Geisha learning how to deal with drunk and abusive customers" by Okinawa Soba Flick'r page
(1200 x 804 - 173 KB)

ancient japanese geisha wallpaper picture photography"Three Geisha Posing in a Yokohama Studio" by Okinawa Soba Flick'r Page
(1280 x 900 - 263 KB)

japanese geisha illustration wallpaper redGeisha Redish Illustration by Luciole Loong
(1200 x 804 - 516 KB)

These are just a few illustrations and wallpapers of the geisha theme. There are more coming up, keep visiting!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Japanese Geisha Wallpapers and Illustrations

Geishas (geiko, maiko), are one of the most well know cultural aspects of the ancient japanese society. The image and the feeling when around them is absolutely amazing. This is a tribute to them with some wallpapers for you to enjoy. Some of them are drawings and others are pictures. As this is a very extense topic, this is the first post of the Geisha series.

geisha illustration wallpaper image
Geisha Illustration Wallpaper from Wallpaperlink
(1280 x 1024 - 543 KB)

geisha illustration wallpaper imageGeisha Illustration Wallpaper from Wallpaperlink
(1024 x 768 - 227 KB)

geisha wallpaper pray temple imageGeisha's Pray in Temple by OLAF'S Diary
(1936 x 1288 - 532 KB)

Smiling Geisha by OLAF'S Diary
(1936 x 1288 - 224 KB)

I hope you enjoy this geisha images as much as I did. As previously stated, this is just some images and wallpapers of a series, because geisha is a huge topic to relay on in japanese culture, and you can get amazing wallpapers surrounding this topic. See you soon!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Japan Scenery Wallpapers

Winter allways leaves pretty amazing pictures and images in our memories through time. And sometimes, there's nothing more relaxing that a nice winter scenery. In Japan, those are specially beautiful, surrounded by nature and with all sorts of magic and mistery in them.

Hope you enjoy this new post on Winter Japan Scenery Wallpapers and hope you find what you are looking for!

japan scenery winter wallpaper
Leaves covered in Snow from Lunatic Experience
115 KB - (1024 x 768 px)

budhist temple scenery covered in snow wallpaperBudhist Temple in Winter from koba0333の日記
270 KB - (1024 x 768 px)

japanese cherry trees covered in snowJapanese Cherry Trees Covered in Snow from Maruyama Sapporo Park
374 KB - (1024 x 768 px)

japanese temple snow stairs scenery wallpaperBudhist Temple Access Stairs covered in snow from メール白書(しろう) Blog
444 KB (1600 x 1200 px)

That's all for now, even though there are around there a lot of winter related wallpaper and this is just a little piece of them, I hope you enjoy them. We'll be coming soon with more interesting options for everyone to enjoy!

See you!