Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Japanese Sapporo Snow Festival Sculptures Wallpapers

In Japan one of the most awaited events are the different festivals (祭り) that you can find all over the year in different japanese regions.

These festivals have many things in common and a whole bunch of things that make each and every festival different. In this first post about festivals, we will concentrate on the Snow Festival (雪祭り) snow and ice scultures Hokkaido wallpapers, celebrated in the cold December. 

In this festival, one of the most awarded and awaited events is the snow and ice sculpture competition.

Hope you enjoy it!

snow sculture sapporo festival wallpaperSnow sculpture in Sapporo Snow Festival by ViajesMag
(1024 x 768 - 180 KB)

temple snow sculpture sapporo wallpaperSnow Temple Construction Process by Sapporo City Webpage
(1504 x 980 - 1499 KB)

snowOslo Parliament Snow Sculpture in Sapporo Snow Festival by Sapporo City Webpage
(2489 x 1659 - 1910 KB)

egypt snow sculpture festival sapporo hokkaido wallpaperEgypcian Sphinx Snow Sculpture in Sapporo Snow Festival by Sapporo City Website
(3072 x 2048 - 2108 KB)

snow maze labyrinth sapporo festival wallpaperSnow Labyrinth - Maze in Sapporo Snow Festival by kozyndan Flick'r gallery
(1600 x 1067 - 231 KB)


SEO First said...

These festival consist different concept among the snow festival.
ViajesMag snow work look so real.

Anonymous said...

awesome collection.this site realy nice