Saturday, February 21, 2009

Japanese Traditional Dolls Wallpapers

Japanese traditional dolls have a very unique and caracteristic look. A lot of japanese people think that they look cursed and they are quite scary. They certainly are sometimes!

Even though, dolls are traditionally important in Japan cultures, and a very world-wide recognised form of handicraft.

There are also a whole bunch dedicated just to the dolls festival, the Hina Matsuri (Traditional Japanese Girls Festival)

Enjoy these wallpapers and the amazing japanese doll's looks!

Japanese wood dolls cat traditionalCute cat wooden japanese dolls by Pine57 Flickr Gallery
(1024 x 768 - 645 KB)

hina matsuri japanese dolls wallpaperHina Matsuri Dolls by Pine57 Flickr Gallery
(1024 x 768 - 511 KB)

daruma wood japanese doll unazukinDaruma and Unazukin Dolls by P!ng Flickr Gallery
(800 x 533 - 264 KB)

Hina Matsuri Dolls Japanese WallpaperHina Matsuri Doll Stand by Wikipedia Commons
(1391 x 1146 - 543 KB)

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