Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Japanese Geisha Wallpapers

Continuing the previous japanese geisha series, here are some more interesting pictures and wallpapers of these oriental fantasies, enjoy!

sad japanese geisha wallpaper"Sad Geisha" by Robertwillem2 Flick'r Page
(2800 x 1914 - 477 KB)

ancient japanese geisha wallpaper picture photography"Geisha learning how to deal with drunk and abusive customers" by Okinawa Soba Flick'r page
(1200 x 804 - 173 KB)

ancient japanese geisha wallpaper picture photography"Three Geisha Posing in a Yokohama Studio" by Okinawa Soba Flick'r Page
(1280 x 900 - 263 KB)

japanese geisha illustration wallpaper redGeisha Redish Illustration by Luciole Loong
(1200 x 804 - 516 KB)

These are just a few illustrations and wallpapers of the geisha theme. There are more coming up, keep visiting!

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Erika said...

Aaaah, I adore Japan, so thaaaaanks so much for uploading these wallpapers :))