Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tokyo Night Wallpapers - 1

Tokyo is one of the most big and beautiful cities out there. It has technologie, it has lights and a lot of things that keep you staring and gettin you amazed. It certainly is a wonderful city.

And if the city is wonderful, so is the city's night, one of the most amazing sceneries you'll ever see! Here is a few extract of tokyo's city nights for you as a wallpaper!

Shinjuku at night by World's Magnificient Wallpapers
(1600 x 1200 - 442 KB)

Tokyo Aerial by Wikimedia Commons
(3456 x 2298 - 11,7 MB)

Tokyo Highways at night by
(1600 x 1200 - 396 KB)

Shinjuku Stream by Flickr's mechanics
(5000 x 5000 - 10 MB)

See you all on next wallpapers

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