Thursday, April 30, 2009

Classical Anime and Manga Wallpapers I - Sailor Moon

Hey everyone! Japan is intimately related to anime and manga, most of people that have become into their culture, it has been initially through these. That's why I decided to start a new series, for classical anime wallpapers.

I decided on Sailor Moon because it is the anime series that got me into it, and I have a lot of memories surrounding that...

I hope you enjoy this series, I will be posting more and more frequently, keep watching!!

Manga classical Princess Serena
(1600 x 1200 px - 221KB)

SailorMoon and Tuxedo Kamen Classical Manga
By MangaStyle
(1626 x 1142 px - 807 KB)

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Main Team - Anime Version
By AnimeWallpapers
(1024 x 768 px - 286 KB)

Sailor Mercury Fan-Drawing Wallpaper
(1280 x 960 px - 275 KB)

More coming up, keep watching us!

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Anonymous said...

it is one of fantastic Anime tv show . i love to watch Sailor Moon With my little sister. she is so cute as like Usagi in Sailor Moon. i had download Sailor Moon episodes for her. when i fell comfortable my self i goes with her to watch or review all the episodes.