Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hikaru Utada Wallpapers (II)

As promised, I am posting a few more wallpapers on my favourite japanese singer, Hikaru Utatada. Hope you enjoy it!!

hikaru utada wallpaper
Hikaru Utada wearing the COLORS video outfit
From JapanGeeks
1024 x 768

hikaru utada wallpaper
Hikaru Utada with cute doggie
1024 x 768

hikaru utada wallpaper
Hikaru Utada EXODUS wallpaper
From Dien Dan Le Quy Don
1024 x 768

hikaru utada wallpaper
Young Utada Hikaru Wallpaper
From Yeah5
1024 x 768

See you all soon!!


relansat said...

very beautiful this girl

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Jaggerfan1 said...

Wow, she's pretty. I know who she is. She did the music for the Kingdom Hearts video game. At least the Japanese release, I think.

Manohar singh Jodhpur said...

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sania jamil said...

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